With the growth in environmental awareness, coupled with growing strive for greater fuel economy and lower emissions, the use of electric and hybrid vehicles (E&HVs) is increasing.

As the motor industry works at an astonishing rate towards Hybrid & Electric vehicles, it’s important that whoever repairs and maintains these types of vehicles has the knowledge to do so as safely as possible and minimise any risk to damaging the car’s complex systems. Here at Axi-dent Ltd our team have the knowledge and equipment to repair these vehicles safely and remove any risk of damaging the car’s complex systems. These vehicles all share one thing in common, High Voltage DC Power Systems.

We are EV & HV Certified to follow protocol and procedure recommended by The Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI). Safety is imperative when working with Electric & Hybrid Vehicles.

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Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Paintless Dent Removal
The Institute of the Motor Industry