Even though we don’t do Bodyshop repairs – Bodyshop’s frequently require our PDR services on minor dents, dings and creases when there is no filling or paintwork involved. This is practical by saving time on man power, cost efficient and a productive solution – with a reliable use of our PDR service we offer competitive prices.

PDR (Paintless Dent Removal) is a process of returning damaged metal to its original manufacturing shape and form. We invest in using the most up to date specialist tools, equipment and techniques available within our industry. Our technician’s skill can then carefully and artfully manipulate the metal from the back of the panel. They do this with a wide range of tools and bars that can fit inside the panel.

If access to the back of the panel is limited then the technician will use glue pulling procedures. This is where they will glue specialist tabs onto the front of the panel and pull the dent out in a controlled manner. The glue is then removed from your panel leaving the paintwork completely untouched.

Bodyshop Repairs