Repair times differ. Depending on the amount and size of the dings, dents or creases the removal can take anywhere from 30 minutes up to one hour or two. On access issues and the complexity of the dent for larger and more complex dents or where stripping out is necessary, extra time will be required.

Axi-dent’s technicians use specialist tools which are placed behind the panel – dings and dents are then gently pushed/massaged out – this method does not affect the original factory paint work – There is no spraying or filling.

No. You will not even know it was there!. Your car will be back to showroom condition. (If the technician has any concerns they will advise you prior to starting the repair)

Absolutely. Penalties for returning lease vehicles with dents can be very high. By Calling Axi-dent ltd to remove these dents you’ll be saving £££’s. This should be done a good month before the car is returned!

Yes!! Definitely get those nasty dents, dings and creases removed! A dented car always looks neglected and can dramatically influence the resale or part exchange value.

A Paintless Dent Repair will not affect your vehicles warranty.

Dents that are on the edge of the panel may not be able to be repaired, as some panel edges are seamed together with an extra sheet of metal making it impossible to gain access. If the paint is cracked or damaged a dent repair can be completed using the PDR method, however we are unable to deal with the paint damage but we can refer you to one of our affiliated SMART repair companies. Other factors that reduce the usages of using the PDR service is location of the dent, access to the dent and the actual depth of the dent.

Axi-dent technicians are a mobile service, we will come to your home – office – business premises.

Our technicians have many years of experience between them and have repaired thousands of vehicles during this time making us a obvious choice to repair your vehicle.